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An identity that's flying

For the major airport parking company, Maple Manor Parking, we have created a new corporate identity. Five years ago, when the company was just operating from Gatwick, we created their last identity. Now it has grown to operating from seven airports, the new identity needed to position it as an established, reputable, leading parking service.

We started by recommending tweaking the name to be more succinct and on point by removing the word 'Manor' (Maple Manor was where the company first operated from). To cut through the mass of communication travellers are bombarded with at every stage of their journey, we created a distinctive, meaningful and memorable logo using as reference the company name and what the company does. The 'leaf and plane' logo will in time become shorthand for Maple Parking. The colour green has been carefully selected to be different to any other brand colour evident at car parks and airports. It is also sympathetic to new developments that will be coming from the team at Maple Parking.

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