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Adidas rocking the enviro boat

Having spent the past four years working with Parley for the Oceans on producing trainers that use plastics that have been made from up-cycled marine plastic waste, Adidas have gone one step further. The company aims to end waste entirely.

Working on the Cradle to Cradle principle, Adidas have developed a shoe that is made to be remade, a high performance trainer that you don’t have to throw away.

The complex mix of materials and component gluing means the standard trainer is usually just sent to landfill. Adidas’s Futurecraft.Loop shoe has been designed so that all the materials can be reused to make another shoe. How it works it that once the trainers have worn out, you send them back to Adidas who break the shoe down and use the materials from that shoe to make a new shoe. Zero waste…brilliant.

Unfortunately the Futurecraft.Loop is not being launched until Spring 2021 so we have another two years to wait before we can slip our feet into a pair.

Not only are Adidas’s environmental innovation projects going some way to saving our planet, they are also helping the company to steal a commercial march on its competitors. Millennials and Generation Z index higher than other generations in purchasing of trainers and it these two cohorts who are most engaged in trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. They are very savvy about brands that care about the environment and, in research, consistently say they seek out brands that help them live such a lifestyle.

So, as is progressively the case, brands that embrace sustainability are helping the planet, boosting sales and pleasing shareholders whilst often incurring very few incremental costs.

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