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All you need to hear

The great team at Cochlear UK briefed us to work with them on an EMEA-wide campaign to promote to potential respondents the benefits of the company's Baha®️ ear implant system. We were tasked to come up with a simple, eye-catching, hard-hitting campaign.

The campaign theme we devised was inspired by the huge number of consumer benefits and ground-breaking features Baha enjoyed over its competitors. The 'All you need to hear' theme said it all. It cleverly played on respondents' hearing problems and the product's significant competitive advantage.

We then created a campaign execution style: a simple one-liner, supported by a product shot, on a solid, bold colour selected from Cochlear's brand palette. Having written the product advantage one-liners, we created a series of executions for use in online advertising and social media posts, ready to be translated to languages in use across EMEA.

Early results are very promising. The campaign has reached a lot of people but the most pleasing aspect is the amount of time people are spending on the dedicated microsite, having clicked through to it from the social media platforms. For the Baha 5 System page people are spending on average 6 minutes. For the 'Do you qualify for a Baha hearing implant' it's an average of 9 minutes. There have been 7 requests for information. A fantastic success so far.

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