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Fantastic ROI

Our first ad campaign for GreenAcres, the national funerals and ceremonies company, achieved an impressive ROI of 1:8.

Working closely with the GreenAcres team, for the campaign we created the campaign strapline and icon, four adverts to be run on Facebook over a two month period, a leaflet for each of the companies two principal offerings: pre-need and memorial services, and A1 posters to be displayed in the six parks.

We set up the campaign on Facebook, reviewed and reported its performance each week and, following a weekly review meeting with the GreenAcres team, implemented tweaks to improve performance.

Considering the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the Facebook platform delivered a performance that exceeded all expectations. The campaign reached in excess of 1 million of the target audience with 14,500 of them clicking on the link, giving an average clickthrough rate of over 1. For every £1 spent the campaign generated gross revenue of £8 and net revenue of £7. In addition to the very healthy ROI, there has been a significant increase in brand awareness which will bring longer-term benefits.

This was GreenAcres first foray into online advertising and the results are such that it won't be its last.

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