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Standing out in a conventional market

Since it first started trading Werner Wealth Management presented itself as part of the St James Place brand. All communication materials were branded SJP. As the practice was becoming more established, the owner wanted to create its own branding, whilst still trading under the auspices of SJP.

We worked closely with the owner to create a company identity that could firmly establish it as a serious financial management company in north west London. A critical study of the market revealed that the financial market is 'blue'. A big proportion of large finance companies use blue as the main colour in their identity, a practice borrowed by most independent financial advisers. To stand out in the crowded market we decided the identity needed to be different.

But first, we needed to make sure the company name would work effectively as an identity. Werner Wealth Management is a long name that would restrict the impact of the identity. |t was agreed to ditch the word 'Management' and register the company name as Werner Wealth.

For a corporate identity, red is a powerful colour and one rarely used in the financial sector. We explored the use of different hues of red. To give the identity authority and a sense of quality we created a two tone identity, a brighter red playing off against a richer one.

With the client very happy with the result we created an icon for use in social media and stationery.

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