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Brand Strategy

All projects are different so we treat every brief from a unique perspective. We take each through our tried and tested brand strategy process (SIPeD) so that we achieve the objectives set.

Scrutiny        Investigate, explore, research, probe the market, competitors, customers, routes to market

Insight           Understand, analyse, interrogate, and penetrate the findings from the Scrutiny stage

Purpose       Conduct a brand positioning exercise to determine the brand's true purpose so as to maximise its potential

Delivery       Develop the most effective way to deliver the brand's purpose to the target audience

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The cemeteries and ceremonials parks company wanted to tap into people's increased sense of mortality developed during the Covid-19 crisis. 

We recommended the company run its first ever FaceBook campaign supported by 4 page leaflets for each of its services, an email campaign, a testimonial video and posters to be sited around the parks.

We created the strapline and campaign logo, wrote and designed the four FB ads, leaflets and posters and filmed the two customers for the video. We set up the FB campaign and monitored and analysed the performance on a weekly basis. First wave saw a fantastic ROI of 1:8.

Glisten Foods


Halo foods, the cereal bar division of Glisten Foods, only manufactured products for third parties. The company wanted to develop and sell its own brands.

We identified the potential for a range of cereal bars aimed at the pound shop buyer and developed a brand to satisfy this demand.

We created the positioning for and named the brand Snax. We worked with the development team on product and flavours and created the pack design.

It was incredibly well received by the trade and consumer. Development costs were paid for in 6 weeks, annual sales target was exceeded 3 months after launch.

fruit_veg lowres.jpg



For a start-up vegan brand we have been working with the owners to develop and launch the brand. 

We wrote the business plan, developed the brand purpose and proposition, sourced products, calculated the pricing structure, designed the packaging and wrote a sales and marketing plan.

The first products to be launched under the V-lifestyle brand is a range of entry-level wines. Most people think wine is vegan as it's principal ingredient is grape but the vast majority of wines use animal products in the fining process so are not vegan. 

The V-lifestyle wine range bears the distinctive V-lifestyle branding that clearly signifies it is vegan. 

MaxMeal choc label.jpg

Natural Weight Loss


This was the first plant based product we worked on.


A start-up health food company, Natural Weight Loss, briefed us to create the brand positioning and resulting pack design for a range of plant-based weight loss meal shakes under the brand name Max Meal.

Our positioning focused on the ingredients of the products that were exclusively plant-based giving it a health product identity. 

Planet Cork logo.jpg

Planet Cork


The Cork Industry Federation approached us to create a brand and website for a new initiative it planned. The objective of the initiative was to raise awareness for the many benefits of cork through an educational website packed full of information and teaching resources.

We came up with the name Planet Cork reflecting the portal nature of the website and its benefits to Earth. We created the logo and a playful character called Corkie and applied the designs to a website that we designed and built.

Visitor numbers and resource downloads have exceeded expectations.

Roche Diagnostics


As part of its medical diagnostic package, Roche offered change management consultancy on a country by country basis. The service was offered free of charge and each consultant worked in isolation, with no contact with other consultants.


We were asked to develop a brand and positioning for a global consultancy service that Roche could earn revenue from.


We conducted telephone interview research with 125 customers in 5 different countries. This gave us the insight to develop a strong and relevant positioning for the consultancy brand, created a name, identity and a raft of marketing materials.


LabAdvance has become a successful profit centre that delivers real added value to Roche’s customers.


National Maritime Museum


NMM’s jewels were not being fully exploited. Its three attractions: the Museum, the Royal Observatory and Queen’s House, all had their own identities. Most visitors did not know they were part of the same organisation and would often only visit one.

We were tasked to develop a unified brand positioning in order to increase visitor numbers to all sites.

We conducted an in-depth re-positioning study which included interviewing 20 staff, from the Director to the ticket seller, and 80 visitors. From our research and insight we developed a new strategic positioning which led to a new identity, advertising campaign and marketing plan.


The number of visitors increased 45% in the first year after the repositioning and 27% in the second year.

Eurotel Telecoms


A creator and producer of telephone switches, Eurotel, after some successful early years, was struggling to grow.


We conducted an in-depth review of the company positioning and its marketing strategy.


We recommended repositioning the company away from a technically-driven offering to one that was more ‘human’ and benefits-based.


We developed a marketing plan to reflect the new strategy and then helped implement it.


Turnover increased 600% in just two years and the company was successfully sold.

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